Increased Purchase Conversions By 323% In Just 5 Months.

The Client: 

E-commerce site in the education industry. Their primary source of traffic was Facebook Ads. 

Their Problem:

Since Ads became more expensive, the cost of acquiring a client using paid social media was higher than the transactions they were generating. 

MFG Solution:

They hired us with the specific goal of increasing their conversions. Here’s what we found:

  • Their social media marketing was primarily focused on promotions. They didn’t have a content strategy that allowed them to balance marketing and advertising. 
  • Their Ads were not tracking conversions the right way. Therefore, the ROAS report was showing significant losses.
  • They were blogging without a strategy. We implemented a packed resource center and created a calendar for their writing team.
  • They had never done Adwords so we decided to try that channel to compare with Facebook Ads.
  • They were not using email marketing consistently.

The MFG Method:

  • We took the top visited pages and conducted a behavior analysis, to come up with a refined conversion path. 
  • We created a content marketing plan based on the insights we gathered from listening to their audience behavior analysis.
  • We created a 6-month plan and outlined campaigns to promote their winning products across social media and Google, both organic and paid.
  • Instead of batching content months ahead, we worked closely with their sales team to gather insights into their conversations. This allowed us to create content for those users who were in the consideration and purchase phase. 

The Results: 

 Powerful. Traffic increased from all the channels: social (organic and paid), organic, AdWords, and email.

Conversion Rate Optimization Results:


What We Learned:

We learned that it was not just ONE thing that helped our client increase purchase conversions by 323% in just 5 months. 

It was the method we used and the implementation strategies. Here are the top implementation strategies that helped us:

  1. Data-driven decisions. We didn’t take anything for a fact. All the decisions were based on data.
  2. Test, test, and test. We wanted to have a positive ROAS. And we were able to get up to 30 ROAS. It was shockingly GREAT, after testing multiple combinations between image selection, headline, call to action, placement, and budget.  
  3. An integrated team. We were not isolated from the company. Instead, we were part of their internal Slack channels and this helped us gather more insights from their team, as they could access us easily.

By focusing only on activities with a higher ROI and setting up a multi-disciplinary team to handle creative, design, copywriting, and SEO, we were able to produce results that far surpassed the client’s expectations. And by working closely with the client’s dedicated team, we were able to ensure that all of our content was on brand. 

Finally, by enhancing our ROAS reporting using Google Data Studio, enhanced with Super Metrics API, we were able to provide the client with even greater insights into our performance. 

All of these factors came together to produce truly impressive results. While we noticed that social media drove sales, conversions from Google searches (both organic and paid) generated the vast majority of the conversions.

See the graphic below where it shows a Multi-Channel Conversion Visualizer.

In this particular case, we advised our client to shift their marketing budget to allocate less for their social media marketing and push further their SEO projects.

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